A pond of lilies.

Yesterday I taught an outdoor photography class for REI at Rocky Woods. The weather was great and I was able to capture this image of lilies. I saw the image in my mind but after trying a few different perspectives and compositions I gave up. It wasn't working the way I wanted and I moved onto a different shot, but I was inspired to try again after seeing one of my students try a certain angle.

One best things about teaching is that I get to watch students get inspired and get psyched on discovering new things. Sometimes, that turns into me learning something new about myself or my photography as a result.

I'm happy with the way it turned out. I shot it with my Canon G11 point and shoot camera. The quality is excellent on this camera and I'm especially glad it has a pivot screen. For this shot I held it at arm's length and pointed the camera straight down to see the incident angle of the sun, but I wouldn't have been able to compose the image without a pivot screen. What do you think?