It's lovely weather for...


It's been a mild winter here in the northeast (at least by New England standards), but it finally snowed last night. While my students and I were all hoping for a snow day today, or at least a delay, inclement weather usually means great photo opportunities. Most mornings I'm up before the sun rises and on my commute I drive along a lake... It's lovely. Depending on when I leave, I can catch rich orange and pink colors reflected in the water, or if it's earlier, the flat, blue-grey pre-dawn light that renders everything the same color and tone.

This morning I pulled into the coffee shop and realized I left my wallet at home, so I turned around, drove back along the lake and saw this.



I see a lot of photographs that I want to make... I'll be driving or walking and see something, but won't stop because I don't have the time. I'm really glad I forgot my wallet this morning. This was literally right in front of me as I turned to drive along the lake, but I never would have seen it if I hadn't left my wallet at home.