Fall 2014 Residency update

You know when you meet someone, forget their name, and see them often enough, and enough time lapses and you just feel rude asking their name because you met them forEVER ago, so you just say hey! How are you?

That's sort of what this blog feels like.

I restarted my studies at AIB (now LUCAD) in June, and have been making a lot of new work, working with my mentor, Christine Collins, and advisor, Ben Sloat

Presented below, without much comment, are some new pictures I've been making. More later.

One of the main things that I got out of the June residency is that I wanted to try exploring many different photographic possibilities. In a sense, I wasn't pushing myself enough with my work, and my goal for this semester was to try to challenge myself, exploring the things I was interested in, and establish a personal voice with my image making. 

Additionally, Ben challenged me to make pictures without any post processing, as a way to help establish my subject, and determine why I was photographing what I was photographing. Specifically with the work I've been doing in the tidal marsh, the post processing mediation I was doing was getting in the way.

To this end, I've been shooting a lot with a point and shoot camera, and a gopro, in the marsh.

In my research, I've been looking at photographers like Todd Hido and Justine Kurland, who work with narrative, fictional, emotive, and mythological themes. I am interested in how I can these in my own work. Specifically, looking at the marsh, I realized I was going there firstly as a hunter, and so I started to delve into this narrative, fictional, mythological representation of hunting and shooting culture.