November update

Progressing along... Reworking ideas.

First; where I started: Literally bridging the gap from the political landscape (of the tidal marsh area I was photographing in) to the current project on addiction/recovery and policy. I photographed the Long Island Bridge:


Later, the project would become more portrait-based, and I think that was the right direction. In my last meeting with my mentor, she said in passing: "portraiture is too comfortable for you". It felt like a victory in some ways, because it was, and still is, supremely uncomfortable for me. I struggle with it, but the results seem to be good. 

I've been following varies news alerts on local addition & recovery issues, and I have a small collection of articles on various things. These have directed some of the work I've been doing, but lately I've let it directly influence the work, and it feels a bit like a return to landscape:


This is one afternoon recently where I visited the site of a drunk driving accident. I walked around the neighborhood and made some pictures. 

I'm influenced by the work of Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman. I'm enjoying making these pictures. Whether they will be a part of the final project or merely tangental, the creation is extraordinarily valuable to me personally.

I've also been reworking some video projects. First, the self-portrait:


I'm not really happy with it; I'll be editing it in the coming weeks.

And another interview with Mike; this time heavily edited, with two different versions:

I'm experimenting with narrative, authorship, and representation in the documentary form... Still experimenting...