New semester beginnings

The latest image. 


Continuing to make pictures, continuing to work on the video... Trying to figure out the next step. I've spent most of the summer at the Maine Media Workshops teaching in the darkroom. It gave me an opportunity to make some landscapes similar to the ones I came into my MFA with, and surprisingly, the process and images still have resonance with me. I'll post a few as soon as I get them scanned. My assumption going into this summer's work was that I would be "checking out" from MFA work. I don't mean that I wasn't going to be working or hitting my "studio" hours (as a photographer, I never recuse myself into the studio. I edit there, and that's it for the most part), I just mean that to begin this semester, I planned to continue researching through reading, and putting some serious legwork into fall shooting plans. Meanwhile, with the darkroom accessible to me, I shot some Anonymous Landscapes, mostly as an exercise, but I realized I'm not quite done with the project, which I thought I was. 

I also had an opportunity to give my first public presentation of my work, which was great. I think there should be a clip available at some point in the future.

What's next? Justine Kurland has agreed to be my mentor this semester, which I'm truly excited about. I hope we can meet up in the next few weeks. I'm hopeful that our conversation will help propel my work toward the January residency. My main goal this semester is to start looking at the "War on Drugs" in a new way. I've been working on trying to get into jails to photograph inmates convicted of minor drug crimes. We shall see. So far I've made very little progress, but I've been reaching out to a lot of different people and I hope it comes together.